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Tere01 10/5/2012

2010 Dodge Avenger SXT 4 Cyl 2.4L

Preventive Maintenance

My car hesitates when driving it does not happen often, but when I am driving it slows up .

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ande4044 10/25/2012

You can recalibrate the throttle yourself to eliminate flat spots or pauses in its response curve.

1-ignition to RUN but do not start
2-wait until all the idiot lights go out (engine light should be the only one to remain on)
3-slowly depress the gas peddle to the floor (take at least 15 seconds to gradually push it to the floor, do not waver as you push)
4-slowly release gas peddle to full up (again, take at least 15 seconds to gradually let it back up, do not waver as you let up)
5-ignition to off
6-DO NOT START IMMEDIATELY! Allow to sit for up to 1 hour, then start and check for difference in response and linearity."(You do not have to wait this long,but you can if it makes you feel better.) I did started the car and drove right away. It worked for me.


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