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Heidi Bundy

Heidi ... 4/21/2010

2006 Dodge Stratus SXT 4 Cyl 2.40L


My car hesitates when coming to slow stop

When I'm slowing down upon arriving at traffic light or slow moving traffic if feels like my transmission is slipping. I had my transmission serviced a few weeks ago, and unfortunately it is still doing the same thing. Two years ago, my check engine light came on and I brought it to a dealer and they fixed the problem. They also told me that my ignition coil was cracked. At the time I could not afford to get that fixed. I have found out through my own research that the i.c. is covered under warranty. Sometimes it sounds like it wants to stall. It only happens when slowing down because of slow moving traffic.

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yboy82 9/10/2010

Try to diagnose your vehicle with a scan tool to determine if there is a stored trouble code in your vehicle (to point you to the right direction in fixing your car). It is possible that your idle air control valve or idle stop solenoid and/or idle speed actuator is failing.


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