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elbia 3/16/2010

1997 Pontiac Sunfire SE 4 Cyl 2.2L


my car still over heats

I have put a new water pump and a new thermostat timing belt did a raidator flush and it still is over heating. what eles could be wrong!

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Bobby 3/16/2010

Is the car blowing white smoke out of the exhaust? If it is then it is probably a blown head gasket. If not check to make sure you don't have a air pocket in the cooling system try purging the system some of these smaller engines have a relief valve that purges the air from the cooling system. Also check to make sure the cooling fan is coming on. When the engine temperature is up make sure the fan is operating to cool the radiator. If the fan isn't coming on check for power at the fan, if it has power to it then the fan motor is probably bad if not it could be a fuse, relay or wiring.


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