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Ram Tuff

Ram Tuff 7/9/2011

1997 Honda CR-V LX 4 Cyl 2.00L


My car is over heating when I was driving I heard a load clunk! The air was on. Then the air went warm!

one year ago I replaced the radiator. I get my regular oil changes. I have about 161539 miles Had a tune up a year ago! I also noticed about a few weeks ago when I start the engine it seems to be idleing higher rpms then normal. I have not had any issues be fore this.

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Jimm 7/9/2011

Need more information; how much was the overheating? How high was the temperature above normal? In any case, check the a/c compressor fuse, relay, and a/c clutch. Also, check the drive belt and belt tensioner The overheating may be related to; faulty / stuck thermostat, dirty / clogged radiator or a/c condensor fins (low / poor air flow), radiator hoses collapsed under pressure.


Ram Tuff 7/9/2011

It was hot outside maybe 100 degrees. It went all the way to the top of the gaugeway above normal. How would I clean the thermostat? The radiator coolant was low so was the resovior. I have not tried the belt tensioner but I will! Thank You Any other ideas?

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