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needs_help 10/8/2012

1997 Honda Civic CX 4 Cyl 1.6L

Preventive Maintenance

my car is over heating but doesn't register to the temperature gauge.

the coolant was boiling and there was no water in my radiator this has happened twice now. it over heats and the radiator fan doesn't come on and the temperature gauge doesn't go any higher than the half-way mark. what is the problem with it and what parts do i need to fix it?

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HouseCallAuto 10/8/2012

The very first thing to do is to bleed the cooling system which is critical on a Honda. When a Honda engine gets low on coolant for any reason (the reason might not be that important right now) even after you add coolant, the engine water jackets are now occupied with air instead of coolant. Most cars when you start them up, the cooling system automatically pushes all the air into the radiator and out the radiator neck. on a Honda, if you don't open the bleeder screw on the thermostat housing with the engine running during warmup and purge the air out, you can actually overheat. So, I would recc you replace the thermostat and bleed the air out and see what you have after that. close the bleed screw when you have a solid stream of coolant shooting out in a steady, solid stream. You can open or close that same bleed screw at any time to see if there is more air to come out. Your cooling system may have a leak in addition to the trapped air and you will have to find and fix the leak using a cooling system pressure tester, you can rent for freee from auto parts with a deposit.


HouseCallAuto 10/8/2012

the trapped air can also prevent a temperature gauge reading.

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