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Jaunee ... 7/3/2015

2000 Toyota Echo Base 4 Cyl 1.50L


Why does my car feel like it's getting drained of power?

Changed alternater and battery 2 yrs ago and just changed battery again. Now my car drives like it's straining to go and when I turn on the air on it's even worse.car has about 150,000 miles on it . Did a tune up about a yr and half ago. No check engine light on. Had someone check both alternater and battery they said they're producing the right amount of amps. The symptoms started after I changed the battery , in fact once they put the battery in the car at a local parts store, it started up great but wouldn't go over 10 miles a hour and would sputter when I gave it the gas to hard so I drove in the parking lot for an hour til finally it started picking up speed enough to drive home and it has not done that again . The more I drove it the better it got but I noticed that it was acting like I was dragging another car behind me which I was not, it just doesn't have the power it normally does and like I said when I turn on the ac on it's even worse. I'm changing air filter today.

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