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custom ... 12/17/2011

1989 Daihatsu Charade CLS 4 Cyl 1.3L


Why did my car fail the CA smog inspection test at idle, but passed at 2,500 rpm?

"Check Engine" light only on with other warning lights prior to starting. Then off immediately upon start.
Engine has 97K miles, but car starts & performs as new. Does not burn oil; fuel economy excellent.
Yesterday's smog test: HC at idle was 403, much higher than the acceptable 100. Also at idle the readings were CO = 0.18, CO2 = 13.4, and O2 = 2.5. All acceptable. Readings were at 850 rpm, but the high HC is my concern. As soon as rpm was raised to 2,500, all readings were nominal & a "PASS" was issued..Following the procedures outlined in the Daihatsu manual, I tested the EGR, EGR VSR, modulator, O2 sensor & charcoal canister. All tested ok. New ignition wires, plugs, air filter. Valves & timing at spec. All carbon & deposits were manually cleaned from plenum, throttle body & surge tank. No vacuum leaks. Did not test other sensors or service fuel injectors. New rear cat installed yesterday prior to test. Original pre-cat at ex. manifold not tested. Please help & advise. Thank you.

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I can crash that

I can crash that 5/7/2012

The pre cat is know for melting down. I just removed one from my 88 becasue of it and it braught some power back. The honycomb inside melts down and the converter becomes weaker thus needing a new cat. I put an inline one in becasue it was less exspencive.


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