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Mark 3/22/2011

2003 Honda Accord LX 4 Cyl 2.4L

Body & Interior

Why the car doors will not lock with key remote or driver's door lock button

Hear clicking sound at fuse relay box behind left kick panel. All doors unlock fine but will not lock. Could this be a bad door actuator or master control switch or fuse box relay? How can I test to make to see which one is the problem.

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Team Associated

Team Associated 3/22/2011

I had the same problem (2002 Civic) and took it to the dealer, They told me that they needed to replace the door lock actuator which was annoyingly expensive, total with labor was almost 300 bucks (I would have to check but I believe the part was $140 from Honda).

Of course replacing it means you have to remove the interior door panel...


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