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annjolie 4/20/2013

2004 Lincoln Navigator Base 8 Cyl 5.40L


My car died three times on Freeway going 70mph

Two issues. First is that my navi would occassionaly make a whistle noise while stopped at a light, if I did not give it gas it would die. This happens from time to time, some days many times, other days not at all. Mechanic could not find issue. Then, last night while driving on the freeway at 70 the engine died, loss of power steering, dash lights went off but headlights stay on. Got off freeway. Restarted like no problem, drove 8 miles and it did it again. Got off freeway, restarted and took side streets home. When I got home and put in park it made the whistle noise and died again.
2004 with 130k miles. No ck engine light

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Jimm 4/21/2013

Usually a whistle noise or air leak nosie is due to a vacuum leak. Raise the hood, check for obviuos vacuum hose leaks and cracks / deterioration - especially in the area of the air intake hose. Then, as the next step - start the engine and examine / move the vacuum hoses - to look for a leak and observe for the air whistle sound. Replace the vacuum hoses as necessary.


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