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patricia galbraith

patric ... 7/11/2012

2003 GMC Sonoma SL 4 Cyl 2.20L


my car cuts out when Im driving after an hour or more. It starts to just lose power as I'm driving along.

108,000 mi. only had oil change in january. no other mechanic work. only happens when truck is hot. happens while im driving. I havent drove the truck in days now it wont start it tries to start but wont, it just wears the battery down. About 3 months ago I went for a 3 hour drive and thats when it first died out while driving was low on gas. I sat on the side of the road for 5 minutes in tried to start and it did. I went straight to get gas. no more problems till my next 5 hour trip. same thing while driving 2 hours into my trip it, just lost all power.I kept pumping the gas and it would come back on for 10 min. then stop again.also low on fuel. I stopped got gas and ok for 30 min. then lose power again.I did this for the next 100 mi till destination. The check engine light is on as well. About a year ago someone put sugar in my gas tank. lucky it did not get into fuel just clog the fuel line filter, thats the 1st time the engine light came on when they disconnected the lin

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