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Humberto Cordova

Humber ... 7/11/2010

1998 Mercedes Benz CLK320 Base 6 Cyl 3.20L


car cranks but won't start

This started having the problem that it would start when cold after reaching operation temp it shuts off and won't start again until cools off.

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Donut 1/12/2011

Is your check engine light on? Im quite certain it is because benzes are so sensitive to these kinds of things. Now, i can think of a couple of things which are common to crank no start are

1. Lack of fuel
2. Lack of spark

Several tests need to be made and im not even sure if conventional equipment can be used since its a benz, but im quite certain it will. Its just that its a benz....a benz is not a car its something beyond that.....a Honda....thats a car


3- lack of compression


Donut 1/13/2011

thanks Joe-A!!!!!

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