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Mikayla 7/19/2021

2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 6 Cyl 4.00L


Why car cranks but won't start even when jumped off and turn signals don't work

My turn signals had been going out and then completely stopped working my car had been stalling to we finally parked the car and when we started it again we reversed barely and it stalled out and now won't start at all it cranks but won't start at all it usually stalls and starts right back but now it cranks and doesn't turn over to start it even when jumped off

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Jimm 7/20/2021

First question - how many miles are on the vehicle? What has been tested so far?

The engine needs proper ratios of the following; air, fuel, ignition (spark) to start and run. Before replacing any parts, you must test and diagnose for these basic conditions:

Test for spark at the spark plugs and at the ingition coils.

Test for air flow at the air filter and intake - no leaks, no clogged filter.

Test for fuel pressure and presence at the fuel pump outlet and at the engine fuel rail.


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