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sam 11/17/2010

1995 Mercedes Benz S320 LWB 6 Cyl 3.2L

Transmissions & Drivetrains

when the car is cold the reverse works fine after driving 10 to 15 miles and the car hot reverse wont work only when hot

transmission works fine all times but when the car gets hot then only, no reverse when it cools down like 2hrs later then reverse is fine

2 Answers


Donut 1/11/2011

Sounds like your tranny is getting hot, check your tranny fluid level, if its ok, your fluid and filter might have to be changed. You also have to make sure that the cooling lines to radiator are not plugged causing your tranny to overheat.

benzy 500

benzy 500 5/3/2011

Sorry, don't have an answer for you...just wondering if you have found a solution to your problem? I seem to have the same problem, backs out of garage, backs up in driveway, goes thru all gears perfectly....then no reverse for the rest of the day. Any solution you may have come across would be greatly appreciated.


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