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Angela81 1/15/2011

1999 Dodge Neon Sport 4 Cyl 2.00L

Preventive Maintenance

why does my car just make a click sound when I try to start it?

The check engine light has been on but replaced the oxygen sensor, starter, and thermostat. This Dodge Neon has had lots of work done to it. Last night when i tried to start the car, it at first didnt do anything but this was with the lights off. Then when I turned the lights on and tried again, I got the click, like the starter was bad but i just replaced it less than 2 months ago. Then I saw the battery arch so i realized it was getting a bad connection so i cleaned the terminals and the end to the wire that runs to the positive side of battery, put everything back together and it started right up. Left it run for awhile, turned it off and it started again. Now when I get up this morning, it won't start again!

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Mike 1/15/2011

It could be the battery or its the same problem. The battery cables must be clean and tight.


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