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Seanman 3/8/2012

1999 Nissan Maxima SE 6 Cyl 3.00L


Why does my car make a buzzing noise from the front when I reach 35 mph and up?

Manual trans., replaced cv joint driver side. Passenger side looks fine. Had mechanic check it out and the wheel bearings seem okay, too.

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Camarozen 3/8/2012

Is it more of a whine or growl? The bearings and CVs would be my first guess as well, you can check your brake rotors and tires for unusual wear, this may indicate another suspension component at fault.


Seanman 3/8/2012

Growl is a good adjective. That is exactly what it sounds like. I replaced the brake pads while I was doing the cv joint. I am tempted to go ahead and replace the bearings. The mechanic that checked it out just stated it did not sound or act like it was them. Thoughts?

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