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Les 2/23/2012
1996 Ford Aerostar XLT E4WD 6 Cyl 4.0L - Engine
Why does my car burp coolant up past the radiator cap when hot and I turn it off?
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  • jdl
    jdl 2/23/2012
    The engine continues to get hotter for a bit, after the engine is turned off, no coolant flow. Maybe I misunderstood your question?
    Les 2/24/2012
    When I turn the engine off when hot the fluid surges up and out past the rad cap. I am adding fluid regularily, more than I have in any other vehicle, and if I stop to fill up say on a road trip restart about 10-15 min later the engine does not want to run and once it starts runs rough and must be reved for a min before smoothing out, A couple of times the check engine light has come on but will go out down the road.
    jdl 2/24/2012
    Why wouldn't the coolant flow to the recovery reservoir instead of out the radiator cap? Is the engine getting hot, what does the temp gage show? Do the cooling fan/s work? What about the thermostat? Any applicable trouble codes?
    Les 2/24/2012
    You're asking the same things that I have asked every mechanic, friend, hotrodder, etc. Everything seems to be working fine.The question about the reservoir is bugging me too but I don't know how exactly that system works and if the rad has to be replaced to repair it. I suppose a test can be done on that system to determine that at a rad shop.
    jdl 2/25/2012
    Is the coolant recovery reservoir filling up? Maybe a bad radiator cap? Les, I know it is frustrating,but, I can't see much from here.
    Les 2/29/2012
    That's where I'm going to start and work my way up from there. Hopefully I find that it is something simple and inexpensive. I will keep posting my results as I go.

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