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Daryl 5/24/2010

1991 Dodge Stealth ES 6 Cyl 3.0L


Car battery dies after jump and car runs only for 2 seconds and dies

Cars battery seems to be draining down. When I jump the car the engines turns over and starts and runs for 2 seconds then dies every time. Got it towed to a garage. Guy said the main fuse had blown and replaced it. Car was running fine for a few days. Then the same thing happened again. Battery drained down, jump start car runs for 2 seconds and dies. When it was in the shop the machanic said the alternator and battery was ok and holding a charge. He said the only thing wrong was the fuse.
Please help with any adivse.

3 Answers

Nissan Technical Advisor

Probably you have a grounded wire that keeps your battery discharge. A continuity test to determine how much resistance is there would likely solve the problem.


HouseCallAuto 10/4/2010

Ground the White/Red wire at the fuel pump relay (look underneath where the relay plugs in to see the wire colors) and see if it starts and runs OK. If it does, then the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) is faulty. The probability that the cause is a bad PCM is greater than 90%. But do the test and confirm. What is happening is that the PCM is not grounding the fuel pump relay after the engine fires over. The PCM needs to see at least 50 rpm to ground the fuel pump relay. The reason the relay is able to energize during cranking is because there is a second field winding that is energized and turns on the fuel pump just during cranking but that drops out after. Here is your replacement part >> http://www.autopartswarehouse.com/.../A1726177.html

Update me please.

Stealth # 1

Stealth # 1 10/6/2010

Was there any problem leading up to the battery drain and only running for 2 seconds afterwards? Or did it just start doing this with no other starting issues previous to this issue?


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