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Ray 3/2/2012

2006 Honda Element EX 4 Cyl 2.40L

Body & Interior

inside the car is a very bad smell

We have the car over 1 year we purchase it use is about 50,000 miles in good condition every thing work but have a bad smell loks like coming from the A/C but when you used it like 30 minutes the smell goes away if is from the AC I can work on it I'm AC technician and to take it apart for a smell that you don't know from where it come from is kind of ?

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LEW CARite 3/3/2012

This can be a lot of things. If the drain tube from the evaporator gets clogged, sometimes the water can have a very bad (musty) smell. You can check to see that water is draining properly. Other causes can be mold or mildew in the vents. - Lew Carite from www.carite.com


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