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SANDRA ... 6/24/2010
2006 Cadillac CTS Base 6 Cyl 2.8L - Engine
Had car aligned last week & inspected, when I went to crank to back out of guys garage, it was over cranking.?
I shut the engine off, then it wouldn't start up, the guy said the car was not all the way in Park. So I then pushed on gear stick to put in park. Apparently they had left somewhat out of park position.
When I went to crank it did fine that time. Yesterday morning on my way to work, the car was smoking under the hood on the right front next to windsheild area. I stopped to get a bite to eat in the afternnoon and noticed a rotten egg smell no more smoke at that time, then this morning the car would not even crank?
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  • gary
    gary 10/3/2012
    sounds like you fried the starter and solinoid.

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