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Marie 9/29/2010

1995 Honda Passport EX 6 Cyl 3.2L


Why does my car act differently after driving 10 mins or about 5 miles?

odometer 135,000.
Feels like it's running hot but temp gauge is below halfway to hot.
Feels like it's plugged up. Smells hot under hood.
Makes lots of crackling noises underneath when turned off. The longer you drive it, the worse it runs. Feels like it's all wound up. No check engine light comes on. People say to keep driving it until it breaks down. I need help with this. Had timing belt replaced by small independent shop and water pump at the same time (about 3 years ago). Then he moved away and couldn't take it back to him. Has not been running right ever since. When I got the car back after the timing belt and water pump replacement, I drove about 3 miles and the temp gauge went all the way to HOT(red) and had the car towed back to garage and he said he must have forgot to fill it with coolant. Is timing belt not timed correctly? Do I need to get a radiator flush? Is exhaust not working correctly? HELP!

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RC 9/29/2010

There's a chance the temperature gauge is not working and the car is overheating. Don't listen to the people who say to keep driving it... Try the AutoMD "Find a Shop" and have the engine cooling system checked. It sounds like you are better off NOT taking it back if he forgot to fill it with coolant...


Marie 9/29/2010

Thank you and I'll make an appointment to have that checked. Let me know if you have any more ideas of what could be wrong. Thanks!

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