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ac3109 7/19/2010

2009 Dodge Challenger R/T 8 Cyl 5.7L

Preventive Maintenance

my car a/c has an unpleasant odor. would changing the cabin filter fix this.

car has 14000 miles. it realy started last summer when the car had less than 7500 miles

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Hemi RT

Hemi RT 10/16/2011

No it won't stop the smell. The smell is coming from moisture that isn't drain off the evaporator inside the car, first check that the drain is open - it's hanging down under the car on the right side around where the trans dip stick tube is located. Also take the cabin filter out, spray a small can of Lysol into the intake with the fan on low, this should get rid of the smell and kill any mold that may be growing in there. One way to help prevent this is to run your heater on high temp for a few minutes just before shutting the car off - this will help dry off the evaporator.


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