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Ekiss 10/5/2012

2003 Mercedes Benz C240 Base 6 Cyl 2.6L


what is the cause of car AC not cooling sometimes and not cooling at other times.?

This car is 59,000 miles and was involved in a headon collision accident,where the front bumper and the condenser was broken but the other parts of the engine were intact. Now,i have fixed(bought new bumper,new bonnet,new condenser it ) and the Ac worked well for a month.My car AC was working perfectly until recently,it would cool sometimes and not cool at other times (Just refilled refrigerant;134a, checked for leaks,cleaned the condenser and bought a new condenser filter.After this servicing,it cooled for 5 mins and has not been cooling since then.The heater works well.
NB: At the onset of this problem,it would start cooling when i climb a bump or drive it on a rough terrain but after the servicing above which was done by an AC technician,it wouldn't cool anymore,even when i drive on rough roads.The Ac doesn't work cool anymore ( but the fan blows when i put on the AC) whether the car is parked or driving,cold or warm.

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car diagnostic tool

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