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annie 3/21/2011
2001 Ford Taurus SE 12Cyl6.6L - Engine
what is a Cam position Sensor/Synchronizer ?
I had a dignostic done and was told that I needed the Cam Position Sensor/Synchronizer and a Intake Manifold Set w/gasket ? what are these?
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  • backyardmechanic
    backyardmechanic 4/8/2011
    the sensor itself is about 50 bucks depends where you buy it,and the synchronizer is a bit more,,,,maybe,150 bucks,again,depends where u buy it...just type in ur car and what u need..u should find it...this is what i need for my 2001 taurus...same car.....oh,yeah,,what is your car doing?noise,chirping,sputter...or what?these have to do with your fuel mixture and fuel injectors....have a friend help you...hope this helps. my car is chirping like chrickets,lol!

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