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Jeff 7/29/2011

2006 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT 8 Cyl 5.70L

Preventive Maintenance

Is there a cabin filter in my 2006 Dodge Ram? If so, how do I replace it?

The air flow from the air conditioner is restricted. I'm thinking this will resolve the air flow issue if the cabin filter is replaced if there is one.
If there isn't one, what would be another cause?

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Jimm 7/29/2011

There is no cabin air filter for the 2006 Dodge Ram truck. The cabin air filter will filter the incoming outside air that enters through the cowl vents, it does not filter the a/c conditioned air that is cooled by the a/c system.
How do you know the air flow is restricted? Does the blower fan motor work OK on all speeds? Could be the vents are partially blocked with dust or dirt, or the vent blend door is out of adjustment.


Jeff 7/30/2011

The blower fan motor does work on all speeds, but the higher the fan speed, the more it sounds like there is something restricting it. The air flow is definitely restricted though. I turn the fan on high and the air coming out of the vents is like the fan is on the lowest setting.

The vents being partially blocked or the vent blend door out of adjustment......is that something that is easily fixed?

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