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jane 11/20/2012

2000 Lexus ES300 Base 6 Cyl 3.0L

Body & Interior

where is the inside cabin air filters at? How do I get to the spACE TO CHANGE THEM?

I have looked under the glove box, and side walls inside, can't find a enterance to where they go, it has a 2 filter system! I've bought the parts but~~~

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menehune22 1/16/2013

Your cabin air filter should be behind the glove box. There is a phillips head screw on the lower right hand corner of the box (when open) that should be removed. Then remove the inside knurled knobs at the left and right hand upper corner of the box. You should be able to access the paper filter holder for one of the filters. I think the 2nd filter may be an air filter for your engine compartment.


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