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david 10/5/2012

2004 GMC Yukon SLT 8 Cyl 4.8L


What is c0298 and c0265 codes

Abs light comes on

2 Answers

felplay auto repair.

c0265 it has to do with the ground on the frame.. All these look to involve wiring problem as the modulo..


HouseCallAuto 10/5/2012

I cannot tell you a cause because the cause is not clear because you have both these codes present at the same time.

For the C0298 >>

1. At the Electronic Brake Traction Control Module (EBTCM) disconnect and check for voltage on the Orange/Black wire at pin B4. Turn the key on, engine off. The expected voltage is 5.0 volts.

2. If 5 volts are present raise the Underhood Electrical Center (UHEC). Inspect the wiring for rodent damage.

3. If no problem is found, verify the Tan/Black wire is good to the Green connector at the PCM on pin 5. 5 volts should be present there also.

4. If not, locate and repair the open circuit in the Tan/Black wire.

For the C0265 >>

1. Verify 12 volts power on the Red wire, and ground on the Black wire, at the two pin connector to the Electronic Brake Control Module (EBCM).

2. Disconnect the plug from the bottom of the EBCM going to the motor. Then power and ground those wires and verify the motor runs and how it sounds.

3. If the motor runs and sounds fine, then the EBCM has to be replaced.

4. If the motor does not run, replace the motor and retest to see if the code returns.

5. Calibrate the tire size using the scanner after replacing the EBCM. If replacement is necessary, you will have to have someone program the tire size into it using a shop grade professional scan tool.

The pump motor relay is built internally of the EBCM and can only be serviced as the whole EBCM. Also note that if the pump motor is bad, it can damage the relay from too much current draw.

Note; the EBCM and the EBTCM are two different components. I believe that these two codes have the same cause as there are shared circuitry between them relating to serial data communication. When you find the cause for one it willolve the other as well. Good luck, thats all I got.


josh 10/6/2012

The EBCM and EBTCM are one in the same, and only one can exist on a vehicle at a time. EBCM= electronic brake control module, EBTCM- electronic brake and traction control module. It will have one or the other depending on whether or not it has traction control. Now the EBCM/EBTCM and the BPMV are two different components! Note: the new module will need software programming as well as tire size configuration.

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