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Je Antonuccio

Je ... 4/15/2019

2015 Hyundai Elantra GL 4 Cyl 1.80L

Preventive Maintenance

Is it better to buy a slightly older Toyota or a newer Huyandai?

I found a 2007 Toyota Camry with 113k miles on it. I also found a 2015 Hyundai Elantra with 83k miles. The Toyota is from a Honda dealership and the the Hyundai is from Hertz's auto sales. Both are reputable companies. My father-in-law states that Hyundai's are great cars and are just as good as Toyotas. But I thought Toyotas are always better. Plus, seeing the age difference and mileage difference, I wonder if it would make a difference between these two cars?

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Jimm 4/15/2019

It all depends on tbe vehicles condition, and repair history. There should be complete documents, records and receipts for each vehicles, confirming oil & filter changes, belts, hoses, struts and shocks, transmission services, etc.
Recommend to avoid any used vehicle that does not have these basic maintenance records, with receipts of the repair history having been performed.


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