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Emma 10/8/2016

1994 Volvo 940 T 4 Cyl 2.30L


Bulb Malfunction relay replaced, now running lights and radio not working

I took my car into the shop for some work before its VA emissions and safety inspections. The brake lights weren't working, so the shop replaced the bulb malfunction relay (in addition to re-doing the exhaust and trying to figure out why the car won't shift into Park). Once I had paid and picked the car up I noticed that three of the rear running lights (both driver's side, bottom passenger's side) weren't working, and the radio doesn't seem to be receiving power. Could some wiring have been disturbed while they were looking for the problem with the gear shift, or replacing the bulb malfunction relay? Or do I just have exceptionally bad car luck this week?

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Teddy B

Teddy B 10/9/2016

Take it back

You went there to have ALL items on the Vehicle working
as well as repaired

Why would you not check everything before going inside to pay ?

Why would a shop doing work for you- knowing they were doing repairs
for inspection- fail to do so ?

You obviously aren't close to passing inspection-before or now

No such thing as bad luck--an incompetent shop & employees-- don't you think !


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