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mia1017 3/17/2010
1997 Buick LeSabre Custom 6 Cyl 3.8L - Engine
Why does my buick all of a sudden while driving start to shake and flash all of the lights
Usually its when it gets wet or I hit a bump but sometimes just randomly it will act possessed basically. The lights on the dashboard, the clock, radio and headlights start flashing and then the car stalls. Most of the time I can get it running again right away but sometimes it won't start back up for 10-15 minutes. Nothing appears loose. We tightened the wires, belts, etccc. I don't know what is causing this. Any ideas?
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  • Bobby
    Bobby 3/17/2010
    Interestig problem, when the lights start flasing, do they have to be on or do say the headlights and radio start flashing even if they are off? If its that all these things are on and they start flickering off that can maybe lead somewhere. Wiring could be loose and when it shakes it looses the connection... Still the headlights and radio flickering points me in the direction that the car is loosing voltage, maybe an intermittent alternator problem. Try having the alternator tested and see if there are any sudden amp/voltage drops.
  • john
    john 3/18/2010
    have the starter checked or replaced . starter may be starting car good but if it has a short in it when you hit a bump it looses it power conection
  • JimmyMustang
    JimmyMustang 3/18/2010
    Researched this problem a bit more, and you could have multiple problems thats why this is so difficult to pinpoint. There are other people that have experienced the stalling and it was caused by the temperature sensor. The temp sensor sends info to the computer to control idle. But the Lights flashing on and off indicate a loss of voltage somwhere like Bobby was saying. I wouldn't say this is related to the starter the starter does just that it starts the vehicle and then its job is done. If the engine is cranking then the starter is working properly.
  • reggies1
    reggies1 10/22/2010
    about the lights only, i had a bad side terminal connector on my battery, lights flashing lijke a christmas tree. replaced the screw that went into the terminal and that took care of the flashing lights, like I said lights only. hope this helps abit

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