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ALF 5/28/2011

1980 Volkswagen Super Beetle Base 4 Cyl 1.6L

Steering & Suspension

My bug is realy a 1973 Super Beetle, 1980 was all that i could choose

I bought from a frend 4 cast alum rims I cleaned them up and had my tires mounted on them, not thinking through the whole process, my lug bolts are too short, they need to ,be at least twice as long as the original, can anyone help me out please!!

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Desert Racer

Desert Racer 9/25/2011

You have to replace the old bolts with longer ones.. I suggest that you buy wheel studs the correct length and screw them in.. and replace them. Then you would need nuts for the studs.. readlly available at any parts store.. I suggest you buy the correct nuts for your wheels.. have some one who knows about alum wheels tell you which ones you need there are about 5 diffent types. or just buy longer bolts and any vw parts place on the web.


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