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david 5/4/2013

2001 Saturn LW300 Base 6 Cyl 3.0L


have brown sticky stuff in cooling system running hot

flush system until it ran clear ran good for a hour then started running hot again did not change thermostat

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Jimm 5/4/2013

If the cooling system has a brown / tan looking color to the coolant - this is not a good sign. This condition usually indicates the transmission fluid or engine oil has mixed with the coolant. If the transmission fluid is mixing - this would indicate a leaking radiator cooling tank.
if the engine oil is mixing - this would indicate a faulty cylinder head gasket or leaking / ruptured cylinder head seal.
Have this test performed as a first step (once you have checked the engine oil and transmission fluid condition / appearance) - an engine cylinder compression test (both dry and wet readings).


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