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Connor Stockbridge

Connor ... 4/12/2017

2009 Mitsubishi Lancer ES 4 Cyl 2.00L


broken/shorted ignition switch power cable

Mid way through installing a gimmicky 'engine start's button to my car we tested it and the car started all fine, ran for 30 seconds and then cut out suddenly​. No power to the ignition ... Can't do my windows up or anything. The full beams still work, central locking and most other electrics that don't require ignition all work. I've tested the battery and some of the fuses under the bonnet with no luck. The wires we were connecting our button to are the 4 leads in the housing behind the steering column that the ignition switch connects to. We tested these at the start to identify which lead corresponded to Acc, Ign, Start etc and all was fine untill the cut out. Now when i test these cables they don't give any power at all weather they're plugged into the ignition switch or not unlike before... This seems to be a wiring issue between battery and ignition cables?? Can't find anything. How do i diagnose this /locate it? Thank you.

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