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mrfish 1/8/2022

2005 Jeep Liberty Sport 4 Cyl 2.80L


braking problems after mot

jeep in for mot.. when it went in the brakes were ok and passed.. when the jeep came out.. instantly there is a braking problem..
when you use the brakes.. 1st they brake kinda normal for 1 second then nothing for say 4 seconds.. then the brakes start to come on and will pull to a stop
i thought the brakes had been cooked at the mot center so i deglazed all the rotors and pads.. marginally better but i guess because they are deglazed
checked the servo via pedal seems ok
thats were i am at
jeep extreme sport 2.8 diesel
can anyone help?
thanks Will

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Jimm 4/6/2022

Check the following - brake fluid level in master cylinder (refill as required), brake system for any leakage, brake master cylinder, power vacuum diaphragm, individual hydraulic brake hoses, and wheel cylinders - for leaks.


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