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Joe 3/22/2011

2005 Toyota Camry LE 4 Cyl 2.40L


Why do my brakes squeal only in reverse, the car has 37,000 miles.

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Bobby 3/22/2011

do they squeel in reverse when you presss the brake or the whole time in reverse? 37,000 miles has the vehicle had the brakes replaced yet on it? if not then I would say that it is probably time for new brakes and thats the cause of the squeal.


trevor.tuffield 9/27/2013

well drum or disc. and whats the weather? drum and reverse and its just warming up, ive been told that its the inital rust formation scrapping off. this is drums on my tacoma 05. many others i have heard same issure from. also is it the situation of barely reversing like outta a parking spot and then you brake lightly? or no braking?


Jimm 9/27/2013

Typically, the brake pads have some slight clearance - between the rotor surfaces and the brake pad friction material - to allow the rotor to turn without restriction. The squeal noise could simply be from the brake pad clearance - the metal backing plate of the pad to the caliper piston.
As long as the brake pads have material left and are not worn to point of replacement, to correct the condition, just place some anti-rattle / anti-squeal gel on the front or rear brake pads - where the pads metal surface contacts the piston - to take up the slack / clearance and quiet the brake noise in reverse.


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