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Darrell Thompson

Darrel ... 12/20/2016

2002 Buick Century Custom 6 Cyl 3.10L


Brakes and rotors hub assembly

I put new brakes an rotors on my car hub assembly but I still hear norsies

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Teddy B

Teddy B 12/20/2016

You will have to explain in detail what was done & how the brake work
was performed.

This is only my personal opinion,but 50 plus years of doing brake work
& seeing & reading about what others do,tells me it is seldom done correctly
& almost all brake problems are put in the vehicle & mostly & sadly by the

When you say -still. That tells me parts were replaced, with no consideration
to why you asked for work to be done, and if you have problems & noises,then
the car was never road tested.

If you did all your own work,then watch some You Tube Video & see if you can
learn something you may not be doing when working on brakes


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