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ralphi ... 12/14/2011

2005 Scion tC Base 4 Cyl 2.4L


I just had my brakes and rotors changed and when I start to slow down, I hear grinding and squeaking. Why?

I had my brakes and rotors changed just about a month ago and whenever I go to slow my car down and come to a complete stop, there is a lot of grinding and squeaking coming from the brakes.

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Jay Giron

Jay Giron 12/15/2011

Did you have all four rotors and pads done?

Jay Giron

don 12/16/2011

if you did , and you got metallic pads that can squeaking right out of the box .is this your first time changig your brake? if so some cars like honda need dealer pads.maybe your scion is the same way. you can buy them for them soyou can put them on yourself.

Jay Giron

ralphieeboyy 1/10/2012

I had my brakes changed by my mechanic. All 4 pads and rotors were replaced and I am almost positive they are ceramic pads.

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