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jeff 2/7/2016

2013 Lexus GX460 Base 8 Cyl 4.60L


brake system stop working

I own a 2013 landcruiser prado .suddenly the brake when out and a sound start sounding without stop in the dashboard 3 light whent on.and, don't want to go off 1.abs 2.trackcontrol 3.brake I toke it to the dealer and they told me that is rhe brake system .and they never had this problem in the past. the only pob;em is that my warranty due fo only 12 thousand miles there is anything I can do?

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Jimm 2/7/2016

Seems like the dealer is incorrect and is misinforming you about the warranty for the 2013 Toyota Prado:
www3.toyota.com.au/prado/features/ownership/car-warranty = 3 year/ 100,000km car warranty

Since the vehicle is still under the new car warranty, recommend to return it to the dealership for their repairs at no cost to yourself.

Several possibilities; ABS sensor, fuses, brake switch, zero point on the steering angle sensor is out of range. Possible cause is a knock to the front wheels putting them out of alignment, i.e. may need wheel alignment.

As the systems are one in the same (Track Control works via ABS system), it can only be one of two things, faulty sensor or faulty module. What is the cause of the fault is any ones guess, as it could be something simple like blown fuse, to something critical like replacement of module. First thing I would do is check the fuse.


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