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Bel 12/7/2017

2003 Mini Cooper S 4 Cyl 1.60L


Can Brake repair cause other issues

After driving 25 miles my car made a noise and I pulled over onto shoulder.
Restarted car to move and it would not move
Could transmission quit on me

1 Answer

Angela Krause Ford Lincoln of Alpharetta

It could appear easy, yet it entails a variety of various components all collaborating. If something fails with any one of them, after that the outcome could be inadequate braking and even a full failure to quit. A few of the much more usual troubles seen after brake service consist of
1. Dripping brake liquid because of splits in brake lines.
2. Loss of the anti-lock brake system.
3. Poor braking as a result of an unequal application of hydraulic stress on all 4 wheels. Any kind of issue with you Car emergency situation get in touch with angelakrauseford.com to look points over and also ensure every little thing is functioning the method it should.


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