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joe 10/25/2011

2005 Scion tC Base 4 Cyl 2.4L


the brake pedal pulses when brakes are applied

2500 miles ago the dealer told me that my brake pads were bad and needed to be replaced.also the mechanic stated that the rotors also needed to be replaced.I just replaced the pads and the car passed inspection.I had the pulsing issue which i thought would dissipate but it did not..I then replaced the front rotors and pads but the problem persists.the car has disc brakes on the rear as well but since the pulsing occurs at low speed i do not think they are the culprit.any ideas?

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HouseCallAuto 10/25/2011

The problem most likely lies with the front rotors still, but, after you saying you replaced them and the pulse still happens, it could be the rear rotors but for it to be the rear rotors the rotors would have to have visible runout when you spin the rotor with the tire off.

If the front rotors are binding on the hub or sitting on a very rusted hub face with high spots you will still get a pulse even with new rotors.


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