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CVO 12/30/2016

1992 Dodge Caravan Base 6 Cyl 3.00L


Brake Master Cylinder, no brake pressure on the both rear drums

Replacing a brake master cylinder, the front disc brakes have a brake pressure, but the rear drums, no pressure at all. Wondered if there is a proportional valve because there are two brake lines run from the master cylinder .

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Samuel 12/30/2016

Why don't you try bleeding the rears and see if fluid or air come out. This is a must when doing the master. Plus the master needs to be bench bled.


CVO 12/30/2016

Thanks for the response, the master did bench bleed, but there is a combination valve, and it needs to have an insert tool to hold the movement of the hydraulic valve in order to bleed it. ( I saw it in you tube.com ).


CVO 8/17/2018

It's sound weird, but in order to brake bleeding, the van wheels required to touch the ground, or on the ramp lifter.

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