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Miloth ... 12/27/2017

1999 Buick Century Custom 6 Cyl 3.10L


Brake line or master cyclinder?

Three days ago my ABS light came on. When I got home, I turned the car off and back on. The light stayed off. Today, driving to the store, I found myself in a scary situation where the brake pedal ended up going mushy on me and went all the way down. My brakes were there just barely, so I drove slow. Checked the fluid levels at the store, it was clear I was leaking brake fluid somewhere. Bought some more. Filled up and got home.
The ABS light comes on now when I do drive it. There are no puddles or signs of leakage by the wheels. There is a small stain under the master cyclinder. And where I parked there is wetness under that general area where I parked. My gut is saying it is the master cyclinder...that is an easy fix I can do myself. But if I'm wrong, then I'm wasting money and I don't have the money to fix the lines for a couple of weeks.
A second opinion would help tremendously. Thanks.

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Teddy B

Teddy B 12/27/2017

When you get any OBD Codes (dash lights on,check lights,etc)
in any Vehicle System,it is not a good idea to wait 3 days to
check for codes & get an idea what if any problem may exist

You need to inspect the car,find all leaks & resolve them,you can not use
any vehicle that has braking issues,especially due to fluid leaks.

You can see leaks before you get into the situation you were when the
brake pedal when away.

When you do not work on your own vehicles or have the knowledge &
understanding of vehicles,people get into trouble.

I see your car is a 1999 vehicle,that tells me it is 18 years old & if you live
in a salt belt,then there most likely is not a brake line tubing that does not
have to be replaced due to rust

Rubber Brake Flex Hoses dry & crack long before 18 years & can blow out
at any time

The Master Cylinder could leak out the back & yes you could & should remove it
& check for that.

If it leaks replace it,if it doesn't take it apart & clean out all the gunk & moisture.

Replace all rusted brake tubing that leak or are about to,as well as the old flex hoses.


olds40316mm 12/29/2017

Being a 99 model It's probably Brake lines .Living in Ohio I've replaced brake lines on 04 models Teddy B's response sounds good to me


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