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justli ... 12/20/2012

1994 GMC C1500 Sierra SL 8 Cyl 5.0L


my brake lights keep not working what couldkeep them from working

i replaced light fixtures on the back with new replaced relay just above master cylender replaced brakes replaced master cylinder and and bulbs still not working what could be the matter
started 3 mo ago did not do anything to cause it the brake light came on and went off a few times before the brake lights stoped working so i had all the above doneand still the brake lights dont work all the other lights work fine

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cmd01758 12/21/2012

Do they not come on at all? Change the brake light switch. Follow the brake pedal up under the dash and there will be a $10 switch half way up the pedal.


justlittleme6 12/21/2012

did that all ready first thing i did when it started happening

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