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jerry 2/13/2012

1990 Honda Accord EX 4 Cyl 2.20L

Body & Interior

my brake lights stay on and drains my battery please help i checked all my fuses and there all good where else do i look

my parking lights and bralke lights stay on and wont shut off i have to be disconnecting my battery cause it drains it. I checked all the fuses on both boxes and there all good. Im thinking that the wires are connected wrong cause when my doors are colsed the beep sound wont shut off put as soon as the door is open it stops beeping. an any body have any solutions please i need answers.

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James Vaughn

James Vaughn 2/13/2012

your brake light problem sounds like a brake light switch in the open position. it is located on the back side of your brake pedal and activates the lights when you depress the brake pedal. They are pretty typical to fail. your beeping may also be solved by this as on some vehicles the switch is also a ground for the chime. good luck.


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