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Bill777 9/21/2010

2000 Daewoo Nubira SE 4 Cyl 2.00L


I have no brake lights. Fuse is good, brake light switch is good and bulbs are all good.

I have power in and out of brake light switch. I even took a jumper wire and by passed the switch. The switch also controls the "Lock in park" until brake pedal is pushed and that works. I spliced a ground wire to one of the bulbs to see if I had a bad ground. All other lights work fine.

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Bill 9/24/2010

Is there power getting to brake light. I'm assuming you checked. Pretty hard to do on your own. need to run down wire harness for problems. Not easy but doable


Bill777 9/25/2010

I broke down and took it to a repair shop...old Daewoo dealer. 3 wires were shorted under the dash. They replaced them...$196.00. They at least have a wiring diagram...which they would of printed for me but got tired of messing with it. Thanks for at least responding.

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