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Tim 4/2/2010

2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 8 Cyl 4.7L


brake light issues - goes out when lights on and brake pushed. also vacuum issues - air vents & cruise control.

1. left brake light weak and cuts off when I apply brakes while lights on. seems fine when lights off but light looks weak. replaced bulb but that didn't fix.

2. air vents stay on defrost...was just occasional or when going up hill but constant now. also my cruise control activates when set to on...but doesn't seem to work.

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AutoMD Member

AutoMD Member 8/15/2010

My 2000 JGC has a problem with the left rear brake/ turn signal too. I think it is the light socket and may someday replace it. For now I bend the contacts and it seems to help for a while. The air vent dams are contolled by vacuum and the weak point in the vacuum system is the frail vacuum line that run along side the battery tray. Mine were melted by a leaky battery. I cut and spliced a new piece of hose to replace it. That will also fix your cruise control too since that needs the vacuum also.


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