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Lara 5/24/2010

1998 BMW 740i Base 8 Cyl 4.40L

Body & Interior

Brake light assembly not working

can water leakage damage the brake lights and cause them to stop working on drivers side then stop working on the passengers side? Both assemblies have been dry for months. Do I need to replace both the assemblies?

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yboy82 10/7/2010

What have you done so far to fix your brake light assembly? Did you already check and clean your brake light assembly for corrosions and replaced your bulbs? Check for battery voltage and ground in your brake light socket, if your battery voltage and ground are present you can still use your brake light assembly. But if it’s my ride I’m gonna change the whole brake light assembly, that’s just me.


yboy82 10/7/2010

Did you also check the condition of the fuse for your brake lights?

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