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lam mai
lam mai 4/7/2010
2003 Honda Odyssey EX 6 Cyl 3.5L - Brakes
Brake is not fully release every brake is applied.
Everytime when I release brake padel, the brake seem like not releasing at all. van is not movement at all, I have to use my left leg and try to lift the the brake padel up then the van is moving. Would you know what wrong with my van. I have this issue in the last 6 months. I still work and run fine all I have to do is lift the brake padel everytime I apply brake. thank you very much
3 Answers
  • Bobby
    Bobby 4/7/2010
    The brake pedal return spring or something with the brake pedal armature could be the possible problem, get under and look at the pedal, see if there is a return spring and if it is broken
  • senor.saint
    senor.saint 4/8/2010
    scraper seal on the master cyl.
    ELITE AUTOMOTIVE 4/11/2010
    you should first try to bleed the brakes and then see if that changes. if not then check the master brake cylinder ... but most likely the reason for your problem is that you may may have air in the brake system and itd causing the brakes not to work as thay should check that and let me know ok

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