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Ford Guy

Ford Guy 9/25/2011

1980 Volkswagen Super Beetle Base 4 Cyl 1.6L

Steering & Suspension

I bought a Buggatti kit car with a VW chassic. My wheel botl pattern is 5 x 43/4. I bought some 1932 Ford wire spoke

wheels. which are 5 on 51/2 pattern. I need an adapters. Also on the Vehicle chooses & year there was not a VW kit car or 19725 VW or Bugatti, but that's what I got! Hope you can help!

1 Answer

Desert Racer

Desert Racer 9/25/2011

Why would you do this? 1932 Wheels? The kit you have bought is just a fiberglass body on an altered VW chassis.. I built many of these in the 1970s.. If it is still around says something for the quality of the construction.. You can buy adapters at
www.Summitracing.com. Good luck.


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