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lucy 2/23/2019

2009 BMW 525i Base 6 Cyl 2.50L

Body & Interior

boot unlooking itself

I have a 1 series 116i sport 5 door ( sorry I have the model wrong above as not sure what it is!) and the boot is constantly unlocking itself weather the car is looked or unlocked, when u unlock the car the boot catch will unlock so you close it then you switch the engine on and it will pop open again, you lock the car and it will pop open-it doesn't open completely as you have to do that by hand but enough that the warning light on the dash comes on and you have to get out and close it shut!!

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Jimm 2/23/2019

Try this resource; https://www.youtube.com/watch


lucy 2/23/2019

thank you for the link-if the fuse had gone would it not either be open all the time or looked all the time though?!

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