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Chip 11/2/2010

1986 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Base 8 Cyl 5.9L

Steering & Suspension

Which bolt(s) do I need to loosen in order to tighten my power steering belt?

I realize there is a pivot bolt at the lower left hand side but is there another bolt that must also be loosened?

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Black Ops

Black Ops 11/2/2010

Im asuming you want to loosen everything because based on your question, you cannot loosen something to tighten something hehehehehe :)

Aside from the pivot bolt, you have to loosen the adjusting and mounting bolts on the front face of the steeringh pump cover plate (hub side)

Then, pivot the power sterring pump inward and remove the belt

to install

holding the pump in place, tighten the adjusting arm and the mounting bolts

Black Ops

Chip 11/3/2010

Very well put! Thanks so much for the directions and I even enjoyed the humor.

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